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Hi! Glad that you made it here. I'm currently revamping my website and updating new projects. I should be done in a few days. Meanwhile you can check my fully updated resume or my portfolio.Close this message

Amar Chadgar

UI Developer



Title assumer

I’m Amar Chadgar and this page is an attempt to collect, curate and present some of my work.
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    Health Guidelines

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    Budget Game

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  • I designed and developed the interface for Electrcity Market at CSTEP, a game to model the power exchange part of the electricity market.

    Electricity Market

  • Web Remote was my final semester degree project. A web accessible home automation system that lets users with any web enabled device to access appliances and devices at home.

    Web Remote

  • At CSTEP, I designed and maintained website and event pages for Next Generation Infrastrcuture Lab.

    Next Generation Infrastructure Lab

  • A website for a friend who wanted a simple website based on 4 categories of her blog.

    Aditi Murthy

  • Large Scale Disaster Management is a situation awareness and training tool.

    Large Scale Disaster Management

  • Athena is a collaborative library-management system intended for places with no 'central library'; here the onus is on the user to maintain her personal records of what was borrowed and when it was returned.


  • Imagining Infrastructures was a workshop on the use of modelling, simulation, and gaming in policymaking for infrastructure design and operations at Next Generation Infrastructure Lab.

    Imagining Infrastructures

  • A website I designed for Trivial Pursuit- a quiz club at RNS Institute of Technology.

    Trivial Pursuit

  • A proposed website redesign for a nonprofit organization which aimed at getting people to use bicycle as a primary mode of transportation.

    Go green go cycling